Cleanium SMART

Designed for little spaces

The essentiality of the SMART version and its minimalist aesthetics makes it a product that is functional and discreet.

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Cleanium Smart

Cleanium WALL

Always on hand

The wall model derived from the Smart version.

It maintains the same professionalism as other CLEANIUM products.

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Cleanium Smart

Professional line designed for intensive use

Adopting daily the good habit of disinfecting our hands several times a day is an indispensable practice to preserve our health and whom we come in contact with.

For this reason we have created CLEANIUM.

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Designed for your needs

Slide Rugged Pro Thermoscan Air Digital Signage Rugged Sight
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Dispensing control display

The OLED display allows you to monitor consumption at each supply. Furthermore, as an option, control via web application is possible in a simple and intuitive way.

Customized graphics

Thanks to the customized panel, we provide the necessary space for your creativity. You can also customize the area with your logo or graphics for the little ones.

High tank capacity

Capacity of 3.1 litres, which allows for over 7,000 dispensing operations, with no need for frequent refills.

Access management

The technology available on the Thermoscan model allows it to be configured to open a turnstile if the detected temperature is below the value set by the user.

Your daily solution


The sanitizing advertising totem includes in its structure a 43” horizontal LCD screen for ADV communication.



Our CLEANIUM line is available in Connect version (optional)

Cleanium Cloud is available in two versions:

  • Cloud Mobile (with sim and data traffic included)
  • Cloud WI-FI (connectable to a wi-fi network)

A multi-channel monitoring system designed to control all CLEANIUM Connect version products.

The system automatically sends notifications via SMS, EMAIL and REST calls whenever a specific operating condition is determined.

Enhance air you breathe

CLEANIUM AIR internally uses advanced NTP technology to perform the decontamination process, improving the surrounding air.

CLEANIUM® for Planet

All the products in the range have a minimal environmental impact thanks
to the use of recyclable materials, like aluminium.